Welcome to Ms Marie domestic cleaning services!

Ms Marie has more than 14 years’ experience in satisfying client needs in domestic cleaning. Our services are flexible enough to meet your cleaning needs in terms of cleaning requirements and frequency. Our dedicated and professionally trained staff are fully committed to bringing cleanliness, freshness and comfort to your home atmosphere.

The company offers a completely integrated cleaning service for customers within the Glasgow area. We are committed to using only the finest, market-leading, eco-friendly products and cleaning equipment. All products comply with national health and safety standards and regulations.

  • "I am happy with the company's service especially with Maria. After the first time she left the house, I got my home sparkle back! And now, it repeats every time."

    Michelle, East End
  • Client oriented service with individual cleaning plan
  • Reliable, fully trained staff
  • Vetted staff
  • Secure key-holding service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Effective supervision
To arrange a visit for a free estimate, please phone us.
You can leave a message using Contact Us along with your name, telephone number and the approximate time you wish us to arrange an appointment. We will call you back to confirm the date and time.
Services and Prices

Your home will be cleaned by our professional and trustworthy staff on a day and time that suits your needs. We offer a wide range of cleaning options:

  • One-off clean
  • Regular service with a frequency to suit you
  • End of tenancy
  • After special occasions
  • Spring clean

If you cannot be present during your clean, you may benefit from our free, secure, key-holding service. This service is fully insured and means you can get on with daily life with the confidence that your home will be cleaned thoroughly and professionally by one of our cleaning teams.

Our pricing is flexible and is tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients. That is why we would prefer to meet with you before quoting you a price. We offer a free visit at your property to discuss with you any special requirements and then provide you with an individual cleaning plan and quote.

Regular services

  • Dust all furnishings and decorative items within reach
  • Kitchen worktop, outside cupboard doors and electric appliances
  • Vacuum cleaning all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs
  • Hard floor mopping
  • Shine mirrors, glass and chrome surfaces
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning, sanitizing and refreshing
  • Collect household trash and place it in bin
  • Bed making
  • Tidying

Regular cleaning service is where the service is provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis, with a minimum booking of 4 consecutive visits.

Prepayment of the first two visits is required on the day of signing cleaning service contract.

We undertake all job, described in the Regular Services list. Any other service from the Extra Services option could be agreed in advance. Some could be added as an extra time, other could be fulfilled on an irregular basis (fortnightly, monthly, every other month, etc.).

  • Weekly and fortnightly service booking price starts from £22 per visit.

Extra services

  • Oven and hob cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning inside
  • Fridge cleaning inside
  • Cleaning inside kitchen cupboards
  • Dusting light fittings
  • Window cleaning inside and outside where possible
  • Cleaning walls and tiles
  • Dust window blinds
  • Vacuum cleaning under furniture
  • Clean corners and skirting boards
  • Steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Ironing

Some of the services in this category can be added to your cleaning plan for a small extra cost.

  • Carpet shampoo prices start from £25 per carpet/room.
  • Ironing £8 for 10 small items (pillowcase, T-shirt, etc.), 5 middle size (shirts, trousers, etc.), and 3 large items (bed linen, etc.).

One-off and Spring cleaning

After discussing your requirements, we will provide you with price. Any option from the Regular and Extra services can be selected.

We strongly advise service estimation visit to be arranged in order to provide you with the best price.

You can also request quotation using our Contact Us form. In order to provide you with quote, add as many information as possible.

You can book One-off clean for the starting price of £70. Since spring clean takes more time and effort, the starting price is £90.

End-of and Pre-Tenancy cleaning

After discussing your requirements, we will provide you with a quote. Any option from the Regular and Extra services can be selected.

Service estimation visit is important in order to provide you with the best price.

You can also request quotation using our Contact Us form.

The prices start from £90 for one-bedroom house/flat. This includes all relevant services from our Regular and Extra services option.

Letting Agents requiring end-of-tenancy and/or pre-tenancy cleaning for their properties - exceptional rates and discounts apply.

Services and Cleaners
  1. Do you cover my area?

    Ms Marie covers the Glasgow area up to 5 miles away from the city centre. For One-off cleans we cover up to 10 miles away from the city centre. Give us a call to find out if we cover your area.

  2. Is there a minimum booking?

    Our regular domestic cleaning service requires a minimum booking of £22. For One-Off, Spring Cleaning and End-off Tenancy Cleaning the quote will be based on the size of the premises, flat/house condition, and client's requirements. 40% deposite should be paid in advance.

  3. Do I have to supply cleaning materials and cleaning equipment?

    No, our cleaners carry their own materials and equipment. However, if you prefer to specify the substances used in your home, you can do so. Please be aware that we use only substances that meet national health and safety standards.

  4. How do you vet the cleaners?

    We first carry out a telephone interview. If the applicant seems suitable we then arrange second interview to take place in their home. Only after taking proof of ID and address along with references we accept them onto our database. Every cleaner we employ must present two references, which we check, and permission to work in the UK. We also require Disclosure Scotland with issue date no later than 6 months.

  5. How do I arrange my cleaning service?

    You can book your cleaning service through the Contact Us form on our website, or by phoning, or emailing us. Before the first clean, we arrange a free visit to your home and discuss with you any requirements you have.

  6. Do your services include outside window cleaning?

    We are neither insured nor properly equipped to carry out professional outside window cleaning. However, we can clean your windows externally where it is safe for us.

  7. Can I have the same cleaner every time?

    Yes, if you are happy with your cleaner, we will make sure you get the same cleaner every time though we cannot guarantee this during holidays, sickness absence, staff rotation or pay off. If your regular cleaner is sick or on holiday we can send you a replacement.

  8. What is the difference between Regular Domestic Cleaning and Spring Cleaning?

    A regular domestic clean includes cleaning the areas of the home that you have daily contact with. This would include mopping the floors, dusting the furniture, tidying, vacuum cleaning, etc.

    A spring clean is a deep clean. It means cleaning all of the corners of the house that you don't get to on a regular basis. For example, in the kitchen it would involve cleaning the oven, inside the fridge, inside the cupboards, internal and external windows etc.

  9. What will happen if my cleaner is off sick or on holiday?

    Ms Marie will contact you to arrange temporary cover should your regular cleaner be unable to come to you for any reason.

  10. Do you move furniture?

    We will move most couches, chairs, and tables free of charge. Heavier items, and furniture with electronics or breakables will either need to be moved before the cleaner's visit by the homeowner or we can clean around it.

Key Arrangement
  1. I work full-time, can you clean my home without me being at home?

    Yes, if you wish, we can make arrangements and then return the key back to you.

  2. I’m going on holiday, can you clean whilst I am away?

    Yes, we can clean your home. Just tell us who has the key or we can collect the key in advance and return it to you or leave it to neighbours/friends/family.

Terms and Payment
  1. Can you provide references from some of your customers?

    Yes, we can provide references from our current customers.

  2. How do I pay?

    All outstanding balances and payments for cleaning services carried out are payable in cash or by cheque to the cleaner on the day of the visit. For regular domestic cleaning the most convenient way is to set up a standing order. Our bank details are available on request.

  3. Do you have a set of Terms and Conditions?

    Yes, you can read our Terms and Conditions on our website. Please read them carefully as they contain important information. If you have any queries about our terms and conditions you can email us. By ordering our services by telephone, e-mail, or through our website, you agree to be bound by Ms Marie's Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us regarding free estimate, please let us know your address and time that suits you. If you do not wish to arrange visit for an estimate, then please give us more details about which service do you enquire for (spring, one-off, regular, etc.), number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property, what additional services you wish us to undertake, presence of pets, etc. This information will help us provide you with as accurate quote as possible via e-mail. Please use this form to leave us feedback or suggestions as how to improve our service.

By booking a cleaning service, every client gives their consent to the below Terms:
  1. Ms Marie has specialized in providing domestic cleaning service.
  2. The current web-site serves as a guide to services provided and corresponding prices. The final and binding quote is given after an individual cleaning plan is prepared for every customer.
  3. Ms Marie has the right to make changes to the T&C, quotes given and price. All existing customers will be notified 14 days prior to changes take place. Customers have 14 days after notification to raise any disagreements or cancel their contract. After this period we will implement the changes to the existing customer.
  4. Payments could be made in advance or upon completion of the service. Acceptable options are cash, cheques, bank transfer and standing orders.
  5. For one-off and spring cleans, 40% deposit should be paid prior to commencing the clean. The remaining amount is due after the service completion.
  6. Our regular clean price is lower than One-off or spring clean rates with the understanding that you book our service for 4 or more consecutive visits within a two-month period.
  7. We require payment for the first two cleans to be made in advance on the day the cleaning service contract is signed by the client.
  8. The client has the right to cancel or reschedule the service agreed. For cancellations requested within less than 24 hours from the day scheduled for cleaning a £20 cancellation fee applies.
  9. If you would like to reschedule your cleaning, we would provide you with a new slot on a day and time that suits you. Please note that distributions are made on a first come first served basis.
  10. It is the client's responsibility to arrange access to their property. If property is inaccessible, or there is any obstruction for the cleaner to provide the service, full payment is due from the client.
  11. Clients have the opportunity to contact us if they have concerns with the quality of the cleaning service and ask for a re-clean. Please contact us within 24 hours of completion if you are not fully satisfied. All complains will be considered and our cleaners will return to the property free of charge if complaint is justified.
  12. In the event of damage or breakage, you must inform us as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours from the cleaner's visit. We would request that a proof is presented that our cleaner is responsible for the damage.
  13. All our cleaners are interviewed, trained and their references have been checked.
  14. Cleaning visit times are agreed upon signing the cleaning service contract. If unexpected event occurs with the cleaner allocated to your property, we will contact you as soon as possible and give you information of when to expect another cleaner.
  15. Cleaners are responsible to conduct only services detailed in the individual cleaning plan. Any additional service could be provided only after it has been agreed with us.